• Variations ordinaires
    Anna Marziano

Variations ordinaires-Panorama 14


    If one means by political «the sharing of the tangible» with which one reconfigures the world, establishes the visible and the invisible, deconstructs spaces and identities... sometimes, but not often, this can blend/join/be assimilated with the poetic act.

    This occurs exclusively through the creative process, when an infinite and perhaps utopian gesture is launched with all possible consciousness into the universe of signs.
    Anna Marziano’s practice intends to examine the issues that concern the construction of contemporary identity, through a film process which questions subjectivity and social roles, multiple singularities and hidden nuances.
    In a constant work in progress that shakes up form and content, Anna Marziano questions the being in the making. It is no coincidence if the expressions «mutability» and «variation» are often found in the titles of her works.
    Transformation determines the meaning of being in the world, in social life and the relationship with otherness. Fitting perfectly within the framework of this meta-identity paradigm is the idea that inspires the artist’s new installation « Variations ordinaires », around subjective identity as singularly plural and plurally singular, as a declination of the singular plural being.
    Nevertheless the film De la mutabilité de toute chose et de la possibilité d’en changer certaines (2011) questions the Self embodied in the changing reality. Here the inevitable change between nature and culture is revealed.
    The question tackled by Anna Marziano concerning the precarious conditions in which people live after the L’Aquila earthquake, confirms the deterioration which characterises the social, cultural, economic and natural fragility of existence... As well as the infinity of the singular, plural being.
    «Art always has to do with cosmogony, but it exposes cosmogony for what it is: necessarily plural, diffracted, discreet, a touch of colour or tone, an agile turn of phrase or folded mass, a radiance, a scent, a song, or a suspended movement, exactly because it is the birth of a world (and not the construction of a system). A world is always as many worlds as it takes to make a world».1
    _ Teresa Macrì, Rome, Mars 2012
    1 J-L. Nancy, « De l’être singulier pluriel », Être singulier pluriel, Galilée, Paris, 1996 Translated by Robert D. Richardson and Anne E. O’Byrne


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